Are You Looking For A Memorable, Unique And Inspirational Event? 

As an EO member since 1996 and someone who has personally produced and overseen over 200 EO events, Matthew knows what EO members want out of a learning event.  The former EO Global Learning Chair's event is truly special and memorable, and he is so confident that your members will love it that he offers a 100% money-back guarantee.  After an introduction to the story and his role in making the film, Matthew screens his 72-minute documentary and, then, presents his keynote entitled "Being A Legacy Leader".   Matthew leaves plenty of time for Q&A as members always have great questions and he wants to be responsive to their curiosities. 

Matthew has privately screened his film for the below EO Chapters.  He encourages you to contact any of the learning chairs at these chapters (or any attendee of his screenings) to hear first-hand how his events were inspirational and enthusiastically-received.

  • EO New York - 9/9/15 - 9.9 rating - standing ovation - EOer Stephen Distante
  • EO SE Virginia - 10/22/15 - 9.7 rating - standing ovation - EOer Chip Dodd
  • EO Sundance Event - 1/30/16 - standing ovation - EOer Jeremy Day
  • EO Presidents' Summit (East, Midwest, West and Central America regions) - standing ovation - EO Global Beth Davis
  • EO Cincinnati - 4/26/16 - EOer Joe Stewart
  • EO Knoxville - 4/27/16 - 9.3 rating - standing ovation - EOer Greg D'Amico
  • EO Houston - 6/15/16 - EOers Michael Ecklund and Jody Lee
  • EO Fort Worth - 6/17/16 - 9.2 rating - EOer Don Lamont

Upcoming Private Screenings

EO Birmingham - August 28, 2017

YPO Atlanta - October 11, 2017

YPO DC - October 12, 2017

EO Albany, NY - February 8, 2018